Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste to Make Concrete Bricks

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Cape Brick recycles construction and demolition materials back into sand and stone aggregates, and then uses this material to make concrete bricks, blocks, paving and retaining wall blocks. They manage to substitute up to 70% recycled aggregates into our material mix, […]

Cape Brick Proudly Endorses RDA Building


Great video showing what RDA Building does. “When I still worked in the concrete industry I was often asked to recommend a decent builder. My standard response was that there is no such thing! My friend Simon van Nieuwholtz of […]

How to make stronger, “greener” cement


Concrete is the world’s most-used construction material, and a leading contributor to global warming, producing as much as one-tenth of industry-generated greenhouse-gas emissions. Now a new study suggests a way in which those emissions could be reduced by more than […]

Green Building Council Brings IFC’s EDGE to South Africa’s Residential Property Market


A new green building certification programme has been brought to South Africa thanks to the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) and its partnership with World Bank Group member, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and local rollout partners the National […]

Is Self-healing Concrete the Ultimate Green Material?


Green building could be on the brink of a revolution in materials following the development of biomass masonry which can be grown using bacterial cultures or repair itself when damaged. Watch the video about Self-healing concrete with the use of bacteria. […]

Apple iPad vs. Cinder Block

Cinder Block

  Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine, published in both print and online editions, that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics. Wired was recently asked on Twitter to ‘Battle test an iPad’ and they took on the challenge. Three tests were run to test the […]