What happened to all that rubble?

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all that rubble after the Athlone Power Station cooling towers were demolished?  Thanks to #CapeBrick they were all turned into eco-friendly masonry blocks!

The cooling towers of Cape Town’s old Athlone Power Station, made a substantial contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of a concrete masonry and paving block manufacturer in the heart of the city.  The company is Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) member, Cape Brick, which has been sourcing up to 70% of its raw material from demolished buildings and other structures with a high percentage of concrete for the past 10 years.”
Concrete Manufacturers Association
Hamish Laing

The Athlone cooling towers yielded roughly 16 000m³ of demolition rubble, equivalent to 20 000 tons of concrete, which provided Cape Brick with enough raw material to last roughly four months and was turned into nearly 6 million bricks. For more information on Cape Brick click here.

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