Building Block Succulent Planter Project

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Stacked building blocks have ready-made compartments that are ideal for a variety of plants. You can stack and build them to create a wall or fit a custom space. If you need a retaining wall, a building block garden is a great option to serve your needs.



  • 30 x 190mm building blocks (feel free to add more or less)
  • Block adhesive
  • Chicken wire
  • Wire cutters & gloves
  • Weed block fabric
  • Soil
  • Succulents

Arrange your building blocks, available from Cape Brick, in a pattern that’s appropriate for your space.  Make a note of how many blocks will have succulents in them. Once happy with your layout take a picture of your design and disassemble.

For the planters cut pieces of chicken wire and weed block fabric several centimeters larger than the bottom opening of the building block and carefully (wear gloves) stuff it down into the bottom of the opening. Fold chicken wire and tuck the ends of the chicken wire and weed block fabric so that they don’t show.

cinder planter

Reassemble wall and use block adhesive to secure each block in place.


Once the wall has been reassembled fill planters with soil and then it’s planting time. Feel free to leave some planters open to add tea light candles or interesting rocks.

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