Concrete is Cool!

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Concrete masonry has evolved into a functional and beautiful building material that gives designers the artistic flexibility to create strikingly beautiful single and multi-family residences, office buildings, warehouses, municipal buildings, manufacturing facilities, learning institutions, hospitals and much more.

Concrete masonry is now the worldwide preference in terms of all masonry requirements. Travel to the U.S.A. or Australia, most of Europe, in fact just about anywhere except South Africa, and you will find concrete masonry to be more abundant than any other walling material.

So what is different about South Africa? The answer is that although concrete masonry has been around since the 19th century, relatively speaking it is the “new kid on the block” in the South African market. Many specifiers and contractors adopt the “stick with what you know” attitude and continue to use the variety of older products available on the market instead of educating themselves as to the benefits available through the use of this more modern building material. ¬† Read more about Concrete Masonry

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