Concrete Paving Hints

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These general purpose #concrete block #paving hints are provided by sponsor #CapeBrick.

If properly designed and constructed, Concrete Block Paving will last for decades with little or no maintenance being necessary.

Which thickness of paving should I use?
As a general rule use 50mm-60mm for domestic use, and 80mm for industrial use.

Should plastic sheeting be used over the bedding sand?
The use of plastic sheeting is NOT recommended. The sheeting can inhibit drainage and lead to excessive efflorescence.

Should cement be added to the jointing sand?
Cement should not be added to the jointing sand as this converts a flexible surface into a rigid surface not able to accommodate flexural or thermal movement stresses. Also cement tends to discolour the paving and is difficult to remove afterwards

What maintenance needs to be carried out?
Jointing sand should be replaced if necessary during the first months. Weeds originate from wind blown seeds lodging in the jointing sand and should be sprayed with a suitable herbicide. Oil stains should be scrubbed with a hard bristle brush and strong detergent and washed down with water.

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