Green Cement Made From Toilets

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An international team comprised of researchers from England, Brazil and Spain may have developed a new type of cement made from ceramic waste such as toilets, bathtubs, and basins.  The the new mixture has the potential to be even stronger than conventional cement used worldwide. The team is also experimenting with a mixture that uses rice husks instead of chemical compounds, a process that would result in a cement made entirely from reclaimed waste materials.

To create the cement, scientists first grind up old ceramics and mix them with water and an activator solution, which currently uses sodium hydroxide or sodium silicate. This solution is then poured into a mold, and exposed to extreme heat, resulting in a solidified mixture. If the activator solution can be replaced with rice husk ash, it would take yet another material out of the waste stream, provide a way for suppliers generate additional income, and create cement made purely from recycled materials.

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