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A case study of encouragement for those contemplating a green renovation!

As the trend for green homes gathers momentum in South Africa and as green materials and technologies become more available and affordable, one man has decided to take a ‘green journey’ approach to a home renovation in Lakeside, Cape Town. This is the story of how Lloyd Macfarlane has attempted to lower the footprint and increase the performance of his family’s home.

Lloyd, not unfamiliar with green building practices – having worked in the broader sector of sustainability for almost ten years – decided to put his knowledge (and his patience) to the test by embarking on a self-build green renovation of a (circa) 1960’s house that was in real need of some work but which is perfectly positioned for views of the Lakeside mountain range.

After the home was purchased, the family moved in for a few months before the renovation began in order to be able to design through a living experience. This was to be a self-managed project, so no building contractors were required. They did, however, plumb for an architect and Alan Meinjies, from AMA Architects in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town, proved to be just the man for the job. Alan’s brief was to increase the number and size of the rooms, apply shading and other passive designs, maximise views and create new living areas and spaces – no mean feat!

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