An Stylish Toaster Made from a Brick and Rebar

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Adi Zaffran’s toaster has five components: rebar rods, a building block (can be bought at Cape Brick), wood, wire, and some fasteners.

building block toaster 1

The project is intended to raise awareness of the massive network of materials and production required to make simple household objects in an industrial economy.

building block toaster

Zaffran’s toaster is itself a reinterpretation of an elementary technology – the brick oven -using the common materials of contemporary construction. “The pita bread as a staple food led me to the use of simple and basic building materials,” says Zaffran, “It is very easy to make out of ready-made building block.”

Building block toaster 2

Zaffran’s toaster would still require some struggle if you put it to the test, but with its economy of parts, it would be far easier to build. It bypasses the plastic problem entirely. If the industrial economy does collapse, there will be plenty of rebar and building blocks lying around to provide the raw materials.

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