What is Bricks.com worth?

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In setting up the BlocksAndBricks.co.za blog, we obviously gave considerable thought to the name.  In the process we discovered that bricks.com was available for sale – for a cool $250 000 (See it here)  I think most people would agree, that’s a really big pile of bricks; R2 500 000 give or take a bad day in forex!
Anyhow, we are more than happy that our BlocksAndBricks.co.za domain will serve us well in our desire to communicate news about … blocks and bricks!

Thanks to Cape Brick for all the support and enthusiasm in our efforts to establish the blog!  We really appreciate your commitment to this venture and to the environment which is a key focus area for our blog site.

Cape Brick manufactures concrete masonry units with possibly the lowest embodied energy of any masonry product available in the Western Cape today.  Cape Brick‘s products contain an average of 70% recycled materials.  Cape Brick uses approximately 70,000 tons of recycled material per year, which is estimated at 10% of Cape Town’s total recycled building waste materials.  Cape Brick website.

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