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cb-logonPlease note the official Cape Brick website is  CapeBrick.co.za
is grateful to CapeBrick for their generous support of this blog, dedicated to sustainable building practices and environmentally friendly recycling of demolition materials.

Established in 1938, Cape Brick is the longest running manufacturer of quality concrete masonry in operation in the Cape. Our product range includes concrete bricks and blocks, as well as retaining wall blocks , decking blocks and a comprehensive range of wet-cast paving products. Our unique offering is a product made from recycled construction and demolition material, with arguably the lowest embodied energy and most environmentally friendly credentials available to the market. Cape Brick is green, and recycles up to 70,000 tons of concrete per year!


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  1. Brick and Block qty and price including delivery to strandfontein.
    22,500mt length x 2,4mt height wall. how much will it cost?

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