Researchers tackle Concrete Carbon Conundrum

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As the article on Concrete TV says, “cement is to concrete what flour is to cake”.  Cement makes up about 15% of concrete, water, stone, sand and chemical admixtures making up the rest.   Manufacturing cement has a high CO2 footprint, between 800 and 900 kg for every 1 000 kg.  The global cement industry is responsible for 5% of total carbon emissions worldwide.  Thus researchers in the cement industry have been working to reduce cement’s carbon footprint. Concrete now uses much less pure cement, compared with even ten years ago.  Read original article here

Did you know that #CapeBrick manufactures concrete masonry units with possibly the lowest embodied energy of any masonry product available in the Western Cape today. In fact, our products contain an average of 70% recycled materials. Cape Brick uses approximately 70,000 tons of recycled material per year, which is estimated at 10% of Cape Town’s total recycled building waste materials.

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