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Green Buildings: More Value Than You Can Imagine


The full story of green buildings is still being discovered. Up to now, green buildings have been described as a costly luxury.  The emphasis to date has been on costs – the costs of green materials, costs of innovative design, […]

Building with the People for the People

Langa Project 2

Langa, one of Cape Town’s oldest and poorest townships is already reaping from the benefits from the Langa Hi-Rise Project, as it now comes to a successful end. The project was initiated as an architectural and engineered design concept. Load-bearing […]

Why GreenLock Products?


With the ever increasing development in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors as well as maintaining and extending the Municipal and National road infrastructure, the problem to address effective and cost efficient soil retaining, soil erosion, water control / management and soil […]

The Green Building | Case Study


The Green Building was initiated by Sarah Ward and Mark Borchers of Sustainable Energy Africa, in collaboration with Mike Schroeder, an architect working with the Development Action Group. The clients sought to develop premises that provide rental office accommodation and […]

Think Bricks and Think Green


Whilst most conversations around going ‘green’ in the building trade refer to electricity usage, water saving and the design of a building, the role of the manufacturer in producing their products and what they are doing to minimize the use […]

Balwin Properties Wins Prestigious Property Award


Earlier this year Balwin Properties (Pty) Ltd entered the International Property Awards.  They won an award in the Residential Development category for their Cape Town development  ‘De Velde’. Balwin would like to thank Cape Brick for there valued input and partnership with Balwin […]

Transparent Bricks Made From Fiber Optic

fibre brick 2

This translucent material is created by combining concrete and thousands of optical fiber strands that act like aggregate. The optical fibers form a matrix between the two main surfaces of concrete block, connecting and directing light between the two block […]

Balwin Properties Endorses Cape Brick Products

Balwin - dv3-600x300

Balwin Properties:  “We are proud to be associated with their hugely popular De Velde Estate project in Somerset West. As a Developer who takes a keen interest in green building practices, Balwin recognizes the need to promote sustainable development and […]

3D printing helps designers build a better brick


Using 3-D printing and advanced geometry, a team at Cornell has developed a new kind of building material – interlocking ceramic bricks that are lightweight, need no mortar and make efficient use of materials. Developed by the Sabin Design Lab […]