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Does recycled aggregates affect quality?


How does using recycled aggregates to make your bricks affect the product quality?Using recycled aggregates actually improves the final compressive strengths of our products, due to the improved qualities of the recycled aggregates when compared to quarried aggregates (unspecified dust as […]

Embodied Energy of Material Becoming More Important

edge environment

According to the recent report by Edge Environment  ‘Energy-efficient dwellings – Can embodied energy spoil the story?’  as buildings become more energy efficient, the energy it takes to make buildings becomes increasingly more important. More attention should be paid to […]

The Green Building | Case Study


The Green Building was initiated by Sarah Ward and Mark Borchers of Sustainable Energy Africa, in collaboration with Mike Schroeder, an architect working with the Development Action Group. The clients sought to develop premises that provide rental office accommodation and […]

Planter Bricks


The Planter Bricks are custom designed concrete masonry units that can hold plants and vegetation. The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants in the wall […]

Cape Construction Expo

Cape Construction Expo

#CapeBrick – Cape Town News:  13 to 14 August 2014 at CTICC The #CapeConstructionExpo is a forum that covers the entire value chain and targets small, medium and large enterprises.   Now in its second year, the Cape Construction Expo […]



#CapeBrick  – Building a better environment by manufacturing products out of recycled construction and demolition materials.  Cape Brick manufactures concrete masonry units with possibly the lowest embodied energy of any masonry product available in the Western Cape today. In fact, our products contain an average […]

Africa’s Largest Concrete and Cement Event


Sustainability through innovation:  Africa’s largest concrete and cement event for the construction industry Totally Concrete Expo is Africa’s biggest gathering of qualified buyers and sellers for the concrete and construction industry. With over 150 speakers from 40 countries, 3 pre-conference seminars, 3 […]