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The Building Centre Summer Open Day

The_Building_Centre_Cape_Town_1 (1)

Since 1953 the Building Centre has been offering homeowners and building professionals access to the latest in building and home decor products available in South Africa. The Building Centre Exhibition Summer Expo will take place on the 28 March 2015 […]

Do You Know Your Green Wall Lingo?

moss wall

Not sure how to identify all the different green wall technologies that exist? Green wall industry experts actually have specific lingo for differentiating the categories and sub-categories of green walls. The term ‘green wall’ is the best term when speaking broadly […]

These 3D-printed Bricks Could Replace Your Air Con


These 3D printed bricks don’t look anything like an air conditioner, but that is what they are. Provided, of course, that they are wet and nature is allowed to do its thing. The idea of ‘evaporative cooling’ goes back centuries. Now it’s seeing […]

12 Amazing Building Block Raised Garden Beds


Raised bed gardening has many benefits – the soil stays loose and well-drained since it doesn’t get continuously stepped on, and the beds are simply easier to plant and maintain since they are off the ground. Raised beds can be made from […]

An Stylish Toaster Made from a Brick and Rebar

building block toaster

Adi Zaffran’s toaster has five components: rebar rods, a building block (can be bought at Cape Brick), wood, wire, and some fasteners. The project is intended to raise awareness of the massive network of materials and production required to make simple household objects […]

Building a Sustainable Construction Sector and Country


Building a Sustainable South Africa was the theme of Master Builders South Africa’s (MBSA) 109th Congress held in Port Elizabeth over two days in September. Congress 2014 addressed issues such as skills development, growth, transformation and job creation within the […]

Make Your Own Garden Bench

bench header

Simple DIY bench idea perfect for a Saturday Summer project:  These great looking benches were made by combining two fundamental building materials. What you will need:  12 x 190mm building blocks 4 pieces of  (10 cm x 10 cm x 3m)  treated […]

Recycling Construction & Demolition Waste to Make Concrete Bricks

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Cape Brick recycles construction and demolition materials back into sand and stone aggregates, and then uses this material to make concrete bricks, blocks, paving and retaining wall blocks. They manage to substitute up to 70% recycled aggregates into our material mix, […]

Cape Brick Proudly Endorses RDA Building


Great video showing what RDA Building does. “When I still worked in the concrete industry I was often asked to recommend a decent builder. My standard response was that there is no such thing! My friend Simon van Nieuwholtz of […]