Spanish Bridge will be Updated with Smog-eating, Glow-in-the-dark Concrete


The Sarajevo Bridge in Barcelona is the northernmost piece of infrastructure to span the Avinguda Meridiana, a highway that brings southbound traffic into the Catalonia capital. The elevated bridge’s conspicuous location motivated the city council to transform the structure into an eco-friendly […]

Think Bricks and Think Green


Whilst most conversations around going ‘green’ in the building trade refer to electricity usage, water saving and the design of a building, the role of the manufacturer in producing their products and what they are doing to minimize the use […]

Planter Bricks


The Planter Bricks are custom designed concrete masonry units that can hold plants and vegetation. The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants in the wall […]

Call for Greater Use of Eco-friendly Materials


The call by environmental consultant  Saleh Kamal for greater use of eco friendly construction materials, was met with enthusiasm by Jacques Tresfon of Cape Brick who claims their products are probably the most environmentally friendly concrete products available. “Our hollow core […]