These 3D-printed Bricks Could Replace Your Air Con


These 3D printed bricks don’t look anything like an air conditioner, but that is what they are. Provided, of course, that they are wet and nature is allowed to do its thing. The idea of ‘evaporative cooling’ goes back centuries. Now it’s seeing […]

The Green Building | Case Study


The Green Building was initiated by Sarah Ward and Mark Borchers of Sustainable Energy Africa, in collaboration with Mike Schroeder, an architect working with the Development Action Group. The clients sought to develop premises that provide rental office accommodation and […]

Sustainability Week

sustainability week1

A multifaceted, integrated green economy event: cutting across sectors and emphasizing opportunities in the Green Economy. Sustainability week will take place during the month of June from the 17th til 19th June 2014. A multi sector event will take place […]

Think Bricks and Think Green!


Some thoughts from Cape Brick on thinking green in the choice of building materials. With thanks to Jaco Gildenhuys, #CapeBrick Sales Manager Whilst most conversations around going ‘green’ in the building trade refer to electricity usage, water saving and the design […]